At University Hospital Feb. 2011

At University Hospital Feb. 2011
February 11, 2011 at University of Utah Hospital

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

No test results, as yet . . .

First a disclaimer . . . no new post means nothing new is happening--and that's a good thing!

Phil saw his oncologist, Dr. Weis, at Huntsman on Monday, April 9. Phil's blood work was good, but we were disappointed that the results of genetic markers from last month's biopsies were not yet available.

Then Phil went to the infusion lab for his 25th chemo treatment. After a month's hiatus to try and gain weight, Phil was barely starting to taste food and enjoy eating again, so he didn't really add many pounds. But the break was rejuvenating, just the same, and helped bouy him up to begin again. Phil does the first five hours of chemo in the lab, and then the next two days by portable infusion. He wears a little pump in a fanny pack with a tube that extends between the pump and the port-a-cath implanted just beneath the skin near his left shoulder. It's quite innocuous looking, but a hassel for Phil, as he has to cover the whole apparatus to shower. It's always a terrific relief to get unhooked at Moab Regional Hospital. How can we ever thank Gayle and all the many people who serve, strengthen, and support Phil at MRH? You guys rock!

Days three and four of each chemo cycle are the hardest (that's today and tomorrow) and Phil will have very little strength and no appetite. Then he'll rest all weekend and I'll try to entice him to eat so he can build up strength for the coming week. Then chemo again . . .

But no matter what, Phil will power through. Each day will find him back at work, defying the odds, and nothing will knock his faith and his determination to fight back. Like I always say, "Phil may have cancer, but cancer doesn't have him!"

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